Use your own VPC on AWS

Stackmate deploys a VPC for every environment it handles. For example, if you have two environments, production and staging, you'll get two different VPCs when finished deploying.
By default, AWS has a limit of 5 VPCs per account, which means that you should either be re-using a VPC you've already used elsewhere, or reach out to the AWS support to have them increase your VPC quota.
In our example, we'll create and use a VPC that we'll add to our stackmate configuration.
  • First, let's create a VPC on AWS: We can create the VPC using the Console by following this document, or use the AWS CLI by following this one instead.
  • Next, we need to grab the VPC ID and the Root IP used to create the CIDR blocks on the VPC
  • In our example, we assume that the VPC ID is vpc-1234567 and the CIDR block will be which means that our root IP address is
  • We need to add a provider service on our configuration as follows:
bucket: ...
lockTable: ...
type: provider
vpcId: "vpc-1234567"
rootIp: ""
type: application
# ... the rest of the configuration here ...
What stackmate will do next then, is to import the vpc specified, and use this as the reference VPC for your AWS services