You can deploy the state bucket and lock table by using these instructions.

The state configuration option, is an Object which defines where the Terraform State should be stored after each deployment.

Accepted values

AWS S3 Bucket

For storing the state on an AWS S3 bucket, you need to specify an object containing the following attributes:

  • bucket - The name for the bucket to use. It should comply with the guidelines that AWS provides for naming a bucket.

  • lockTable - The DynamoDB table to use for state locking. If you don't want to use state locking, feel free to leave this option out.

  • statePath - Optional - The name of the Terraform state file to use. By default it's stackmate.tfstate and it should always end in .tfstate

  • provider - Optional - It should be set to aws. You don't have to specify this value if the root configuration option for provider is set to aws.


Storing your state on a private, encrypted AWS S3 bucket with state locking

  bucket: my-awesome-project-state-bucket
  lockTable: stackmate-state-lock
  # 👇 this is optional, by default it will be set to eg. production/stackmate.tfstate
  statePath: my-cool-project.tfstate

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